Method Books


Etudes for the Developing Jazz Musician (ME001WC - $25.00) by Will Campbell contains the three etudes used for the O.M.E.A. (Oklahoma Music Educators Association) All-State Jazz Band auditions.

Four Etudes over Standard Jazz Chord Progressions

(ME002MM-$10.00)  by Dr. Mike Moore contains four etudes. Formerly used for OKJE/OBA All-Star Jazz Band auditions!

Blues Etudes in F

(ME003JM-$10.00)          by Joseph Metzer

contains four etudes.  Great for use as audition music for city or regional jazz bands!


(ME006RP-$25.00)          by Ron Predl -

clear, easy to understand explanations of tone production, range development, and all the fundamental techniques of trumpet performance.  Also included is a comprehensive reference guide to teaching and performance literature including comments on the use of trumpet flow studies in the teaching studio.

Developing Technique on the Trumpet (ME004KB-$20.00)       by Kenneth Baird -

A book for developing technique in all facts of traditional trumpet playing: range, flexibility, finger technique, scale, and arpeggio technique, and multiple tonguing.  A complete resource for building the technique of trumpet players from the young intermediate student through the maturing performer.

Daily Workout: Key Studies & Practice Routine for Trumpet

(ME005KB-$12.50)      by Kenneth Baird -

A book for the intermediate/advanced player who is seeking a systematic method to insure that technical mastery in all keys is maintained.

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A Method for Developing the Jazz Language (ME007HJ - $25.00) by Dr. Heath Jones A Complete Jazz Methods book that also contains the three etudes used for the O.B.A./O.K.J.E. All-Star Jazz Band auditions.